Some Background


I wanted to start with a little background about myself…

I grew up and lived in Maryland my entire life until Joe came along.  Joe and I had a little bit of an unconventional start as we met on eHarmony!  I had been on eHarmony for probably a few months when I was already fed up with the lack of hmm…quality I was seeing/meeting.  I was literally days away from cancelling my membership when I was matched with Joe.  We instantly hit it off after getting through all the “pre-tests” that eHarmony has set up.  We emailed back and forth for about a week before we decided to meet.  That was in March of 2011 and the rest is pretty much history!

Our family would probably describe us as moving fast but I would say that we just know what we want!

We moved in together in September of 2011, were engaged in January 2012, moved to Texas in May 2012, married in April 2013, and finally settled into our house in late May 2013!



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