Health Update


My OBGYN appointment last Thursday did not go exactly as planned.  I had many questions for my doctor that I planned on asking but that got derailed when my blood pressure came back sky high (164/102).  I’ve never really had high blood pressure before.  It’s mostly been normal, sometimes borderline high.  My OBGYN stressed the importance of going to see my primary care physician ASAP.

We then discussed how everything was going with the Metformin (fine except a few upset stomachs here and there).  My liver function has been a little high the past few times I’ve had lab work done which can be caused my Metformin.  My doctor ordered more lab work to check it again and said that if it is still high I will have to go off the Metformin and switch to Clomid.  If it’s not still high then we’ll increase the Metformin dosage from 1000 mg to 2000 mg per day in hopes that will help me ovulate.  I’m not sure what I’m hoping for at this point.  I had hoped to add Clomid into the routine sooner rather than later but I was thinking I’d stay on the Metformin with it as I’ve heard it can help with the risk of miscarriage.  It does seem like more people have a greater success rate with Clomid though as it is a more serious drug but carries with it some more serious side effects.  On the other hand, if all we do is increase the Metformin I have to wait another two months before seeing my OBGYN again and yeah…I’m so impatient.

Upon seeing my distress at my ridiculously high blood pressure my husband ordered me one of those wrist blood pressure monitors.  This one to be exact.

I wanted to monitor my blood pressure at home before my appointment to see if it was just a fluke. 

Turns out it was!  I monitored it all weekend and it was always normal.  I went to see my primary care physician this morning and it was a tad borderline high.  She suspects my nerves are playing a large part in it, however, she wants me to continue to monitor it over the next month just to be sure.  She gave me a log to keep track and bring back to my next appointment.

Hoping to hear from my OBGYN today regarding the recent blood work.  Looking to move forward to the next step in this process!



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