Clomid, Please Play Nice


I had a follow up appointment this morning with my OBGYN.  After being forced to stop Metformin due to my liver function increasing she said our next step would be Clomid.

I have quite a few mixed feelings about it.  On one hand, of course the idea that this could work and work fast is very tempting.  On the other, I’ve read so many negative things about it.  I know everyone reacts to medications differently but it seems like for every one person that says it was great and they had no problems, there are five saying that it was awful and they would never do it again.

Prior to this appointment I was still having reservations about whether I needed to go see a fertility specialist immediately or not.  The real issue was whether I wanted to be monitored with an RE or unmonitored with my OBGYN.  After speaking with my husband, we decided we would give the OBGYN a max of two unmonitored cycles before I went elsewhere.  Though whether we choose to do a second one with her will depend heavily upon how the first one goes.

My OBGYN wrote me a prescription for two rounds of Clomid on 50 mg.  I was kind of surprised that she didn’t go into a ton of detail about it.  She basically handed me the below paper and told me to read it and asked if I had any questions.  Luckily, I did more than my fair share of research months ago so I pretty much know what to expect.  She doesn’t want to see me back until November unless I happen to get pregnant in the mean time.  Here’s to hoping!

So with all the said, I still have to wait for my period to get here.  I’m currently on cycle day 32.  My last cycle lasted a whopping 84 days!  My OBGYN said to give it another month and if it still hadn’t started she would prescribe me Provera.  She did say, however, that she doesn’t like to do that because Clomid works better if you get your period naturally.  I NEED my period to hold off until at least the 20th of this month.  I’m going home to Maryland for my sister’s bridal shower/bachelorette party the 25th-29th and I don’t want to miss our window!

If anyone has any Clomid tips I would more than welcome them!




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