Cycle Day #1!


It’s finally here!!  And I couldn’t be more excited to get this process moving along.  I’m not sure if I have the Provera or the Vitamin C to thank for it.  I guess maybe I’ll find out next cycle.  Or better yet maybe there won’t be a next cycle. *fingers crossed*

My husband and I ALMOST had a bit of a timing crisis yesterday.  We thought he was going to have to go to London for 3-6 weeks for work starting on Monday.  Obviously that would have put a major wrench in our plans for this cycle.  He is incredibly sweet and offered to fly back or fly me over when we think I’m ovulating.  But that seemed impossible to time given that this is my first Clomid cycle and I have no idea what to expect as far as ovulation dates go.  Also, one of my birth moms that I’m working with (i.e. I’m an adoption specialist) is due towards the end of this month so I definitely need to be in town for that.  I’m pretty sure my boss wouldn’t be okay with my “oh, I’m ovulating and need to skip off to London for a week to see my husband…” 

I’ll be starting my first dose of Clomid on Sunday.  Hoping the side effects aren’t too bad (for Joe’s sake more than mine).

I’m actually feeling pretty optimistic about everything today.  Despite the fact that I currently have a cold (in Texas in 98 degree weather) and a monster period.  It’s so weird to think that this will be our first “real” shot at getting pregnant even though we’ve been trying for 7 months.  Other cycles I either didn’t ovulate at all or we thought I was ovulating when I actually wasn’t or I already had and we didn’t time it right. 

Praying that Clomid will be the one for us.


6 thoughts on “Cycle Day #1!

  1. Wishing you lots of luck! We’ve had those timing scares also. But so far it’s worked out fine. The worst is being at my parent’s pave the night we have to get busy lol! So awkward!

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