Clomid Begins

  • 1st Clomid Cycle
  • Cycle Day #8
  • Clomid pill 4 of 5

I thought I would be posting every day that I’ve taken Clomid but I have literally NOTHING to report.  Maybe I feel more tired than usual but that could be from other things as well.  I’m really struggling to remain optimistic.  At least if I had some side effects I would feel like maybe it was going to work.  Not having any, I’m back to feeling like this whole process is just a shot in the dark.

Trying to get out of this mood I’m in :/  Planning on starting OPKs on Friday.  Hope they look promising!


2 thoughts on “Clomid Begins

  1. Don’t stress if clomid doesn’t work for you, some women don’t respond to it at all, but respond beautifully to Femara. It’s just the first step! Also, the cycle I had 5 follies I had *zero* signs while I was stimming. Good luck! Fingers crossed!!!

  2. I didn’t have any symptoms on Clomid either. Although my husband claims I was more irritable. Especially if they started you on a low dose it’s common to not have side effects. Best of luck to you!

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