Throwing in the Towel on this Cycle


CD 20

I was pretty hopeful going into this weekend but after 3 consistent days of almost positive OPKs, I think its safe to say that my body is messing with me.  My temperature was rising a bit over the weekend but this morning it dropped again big time.

b_T9CRvW.jpgI’m just done messing around with it.  I made an appointment with an RE this morning for September 8th.  I thought I’d give it a couple weeks to get the MRIs and maybe get the injections for my tailbone and then go see the RE with (hopefully) somewhat of a clean slate.  As of right now I fully still plan on getting the MRIs tomorrow.  We were thinking about holding off in case I did in fact ovulate.  But I think looking at my chart today, its pretty clear that I haven’t.  I know there’s still a chance that I could but I think that at this point its probably days off if not more and I really want to just knock this whole MRI thing out. 

Any thoughts on my chart or possible ovulation?  Or opinions on MRIs at this point in my cycle?


5 thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel on this Cycle

  1. wtfovaries

    September 8th is a good day for a lot of us in the bloggie world here! I hope that your first appointment on that day goes well!!

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