Some Updates


CD 27

Feeling exhausted after this crazy weekend.  We had a few friends in town for Labor Day.  They brought their (giant) dogs and our dogs, unfortunately, did not get along with them very well.  We ended up having to switch the two sets of dogs in and out every few hours when we were in the house.  Needless to say I am relieved that the weekend came to a close with no dogs or people injured.

I did end up getting the MRIs done last Tuesday.  Along with some X-rays that I had not planned for.  I think I read that a few X-rays shouldn’t be enough to harm a potential baby.  That same day I got my CD 21 blood work done.  I am STILL waiting for the results which is super annoying.  They said I should have them within a few days so I was hoping by Thursday I would hear something.  I called and they said they hadn’t received them yet and/or couldn’t access them on their computer.  I called the next day and they were having the same problem.  And today was a holiday so they weren’t open.  I guess I’ll be calling them tomorrow and possibly throwing a fit if they still say they don’t have them.  I’m still mostly counting myself out but I’d like to hear it from them just the same.

I did end up hearing from my pain management doctor last week too.  The nurse said that he thinks I might be Anemic and sent me for some more blood work to be sure.  He didn’t want to do anything else until he got those results back.

Even though I’m not feeling very optimistic about this cycle I still couldn’t restrain myself from taking a pregnancy test a few days ago.  I have somewhat convinced myself that OPKs and temping might not be accurate for me (pathetic, I know).  If that were the case, for sh*ts and giggles, I’m counting August 23rd-24th as possible ovulation days (CD 18 and 19).  The would mean the day I took the test it was only 6-7 days past ovulation, super early.  I’m planning on taking another one tomorrow morning (10-11 DPO).  And then I guess I’ll wait for the CD21 results before I completely give up hope on this cycle and figure out the plan for the next one.

I hope everyone has a great week!



* These are the OPKs that I was planning on maybe counting as positives.  They are at the very least the closest I’ve ever gotten!



2 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. Hoping your results are good! If it makes you feel better, my OPKs are always very light, I’ve never gotten a super dark one, yet my temp shows I’ve ovulated. I think they may not work for everyone, who knows.

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