My Hysteroscopy Experience


I had my hysteroscopy this morning (learn more about what that is here).  Up until a few days ago, I was under the impression that I was having an HSG so I was super confused as to why I was going under general anesthesia.  I’m sure our RE explained all of this at our first appointment but I must have missed that part and just assumed he meant HSG.  From what I understand, a hysteroscopy takes a much closer look at your uterus and your fallopian tubes, whereas an HSG is simply evaluating whether or not your tubes are clear and open.

I was so relieved that my husband was able to get off work to be with me, he’s the best!  I was scheduled to arrive at the surgery center at 8:45 this morning.  After sitting in two hours of Houston traffic we finally arrived about 10 minutes late.  We went in, paid our bill ($915…ouch!) and shortly after that I went back with one of the nurses.  I was asked to give a urine sample to make sure I wasn’t pregnant and change into a super sexy hospital gown complete with blue hat and funny feet coverings.

The nurse came in pretty quickly after this to take my vitals, give me some Zofran (for nausea due to the anesthesia), and start my IV.  The IV experience I had prior to this one was just awful.  They had tried both my hands multiple times and ended up having to put it in the under side of my wrist.  So, not wanting to experience that again, yesterday I tortured myself by drinking as much water as humanly possible.  I think I ended up getting about 9-10 bottles down.  And it did the trick!  The nurse got the IV in on the first attempt!

After that, my husband was taken to the waiting room and another nurse came back to take me to the OR.  She and the anesthesiologist had already explained what would happen once I got into the room.  I was asked to lay down on the table and my legs were put in stirrups.  The anesthesiologist said I would start to feel like I had had too many glasses of wine.  And that’s the last thing I remember!

Upon waking up in the recovery area I immediately noticed that I had some moderate cramping.  Nothing unbearable but it was definitely uncomfortable and more than I usually feel with a period.  My husband was allowed to come back a few minutes after that.  I was still feeling really out of it and everything is still kind of a blur.  Joe said that I had actually been in the OR for about an hour and not the expected 15 minutes (we later assumed that there must have been a little trouble with the anesthesia).

Our RE came in not long after and reported that my uterus and fallopian tubes looked completely normal.  He did say that he took a biopsy of my lining.  I think he said because it appeared thicker than it should have.  He said he didn’t expect any issues with it, just that it could be a sign of inflammation.  IMG_1666

The nurses had already given Joe my aftercare instructions so after that I was wheeled out to our car.  I have to say I was a little surprised that I didn’t stay in recovery longer.  I was still very much out of it the whole hour ride home.  I wasn’t feeling bad just effects from the anesthesia I assume.  The prescriptions I received were Tramadol, Doxycycline, and 800mg Ibuprofren.

I was told that I could have period-like bleeding for 5-7 days, no baths, no tampons, and no sex for 2 weeks (sorry babe!).  The no sex for 2 weeks was unexpected but makes sense.  We’ll have a follow-up appointment with our RE in about 10 days to go over further results and decide on a plan of action.  I feel really nervous about this part for some reason!  To be pretty much done testing and getting to the “real” part is obviously what we’ve been awaiting.  I guess I’m just nervous to hear what our options are.


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