And We Have a Plan!


We finally had our follow-up consultation with our RE this afternoon!  I think I would call it good news.  It was confirmed that our only problem at this time is me not ovulating.

Our options are as follows:

1.  Try Clomid again.  This time 100mg and increase it from there.  This time it would also be monitored with ultrasounds and blood work throughout my cycle.  We would do 2-3 cycles of this before moving on.
2.  Injections.  I originally thought this would be our go to for next cycle but it is looking more like it’s completely out for us.  Our RE said that my ovaries are very responsive to stimulation.  He gave us some numbers but I can’t remember exactly what he said they mean but mine were 14 and he would expect an average 26 year old’s to be only 4.  This would put our risk of having multiples (not twins but triplets+) very high.  Our RE said that he didn’t feel super comfortable with this option for us–even less so when we told him that we would not ever be interested in selective reduction.
3.  Clomid with IUI.  He said this was something that people always like to try but that because we don’t have a male infertility factor, he couldn’t say if it would really increase our chances or not.
4.  IVF.  We were somewhat alarmed to see that IVF might be in our future sooner rather than later.  Our RE did not pressure us about this in any way.  He just said that really our only good options were Clomid and then probably IVF.

He stressed that the pace we took was completely up to us but that he really wanted to try to get me ovulating for a few cycles before taking any further extreme measures.

So, our next step is me stopping the birth control pills tonight and going in Monday for baseline blood work and an ultrasound and starting Clomid either that day or soon after!

Like most, our insurance does NOT include fertility treatments.  For curiosity and reference purposes, I thought I’d give you all a breakdown of what my fertility center charges:

  • Natural cycle with IUI:  $1,200

  • Clomid with natural intercourse:  $800

  • Clomid with IUI:  $1,500

  • Injections with natural intercourse:  $1,800

  • Injections with IUI:  $2,600

Those figures do not include cost of medication.

We are definitely feeling excited and a little more optimistic!  Can’t wait to get this next cycle started 🙂


5 thoughts on “And We Have a Plan!

  1. Sounds like good news! Does your RE prescribe Femara as well? For some women low doses of Femara work better than high doses of clomid, and it has less side effects! Plus, there is a 6 month recommended prescription cap on clomid due to the increased risk of cancer (some RE’S say 9). Additionally, Femara (generic, letrozole) is about $5 per prescription in most places without insurance! Just something to think about 🙂

    I’m so excited for you to have a good plan moving forward, and a start date in the books!! Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you!

    • He did briefly mention Letrozole. He said it wasn’t FDA approved (does that matter?) and that we would probably only switch to it if I had bad side effects with the higher dose of Clomid. Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

      • The FDA approval is a personal matter of opinion if it matters lol, many REs prescribe it despite the lack of FDA approval due to the benefits. But he’s right, it is not originally intended for fertility treatments- it just is a lovely side effect!
        I will keep fingers crossed for a smooth and easy next cycle on clomid though!!! I hope this is a short and successful journey for you!!

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