Clomid Round 2, Day #1


Kind of.  I haven’t actually taken the pills yet since I’m supposed to take them at night.

I had baseline blood work and an ultrasound this morning.  Everything seemed to look good.  My RE said that he didn’t see any large cysts that would keep us from starting and gave me the go ahead.

I headed to Target to pick up the Clomid (100mg) and was pleasantly surprised that I only had to pay $18 for it.  The excitement was short lived when I found out how much the other medications were.  We had to get them from a mail order pharmacy.  The total for Endometrin (progesterone) and Ovidrel injection (trigger shot) was $273.  Could have been worse, I know.  But after paying $800 to my RE this morning I was briefly struggling with the fact that most people get pregnant for you know, FREE!  I’m trying really hard to not worry about the money aspect right now because I would pay just about any amount to have a baby of our own.  It’s just never fun to drop that much money on something that’s not tangible or even a guarantee.  Joe handles our finances pretty much by himself and he’s been so sweet about trying to keep me from worrying about it.  I know he wants a baby just as much as I do and he’s been putting his finance-major attitude aside until we can get through this.  Which will hopefully be soon!

Next appointment is set for next Monday morning.  Hoping to hear that ovulation looks like its on its way.  Pretty sure the last time I ovulated was in March!


3 thoughts on “Clomid Round 2, Day #1

    • Eesh that is a lot for just a consult! But I hope it goes well and you like the doctor! We just have to keep reminding ourselves what we’re paying all this money for!

      • It will totally be worth it, as the saying goes, “you can’t put a price on love”. How is it possible to love someone you haven’t even conceived yet? LOL

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