Clomid Round 2, Day #3


Nothing really to report other than I feel like giant poo.  And I’m pretty sure none of it is related to Clomid but more to AF.  For the past several days I’ve consistently had horrible cramps, bloating, and not been able to sleep.  My heating pad has been accompanying me everywhere and I’ve taken way more pain killers than I’m comfortable sharing…just kidding…kind of.

I’m feeling a little concerned because I haven’t had any side effects that I’d relate to Clomid.  Which is what happened last round and I did not even come close to ovulating.  Hopefully when I go in on Monday for another scan they’ll have some good news for me.  And if not, our RE said that we could stack a higher dose of Clomid with what I’ve already taken, meaning we hopefully wouldn’t miss out on this cycle.

In the mean time, I’ve been torturing myself dreaming of being pregnant and baby things.  I even went as far to looking up a due date calculator…I’m crazy I know.  But anyway, if I ovulate when I’m supposed to and we do in fact get pregnant this cycle we could have a baby born around the end of July-early August.  Dear God, please help me in this Texas heat!

Ok, I’m stopping now before I tell you any other crazy things I’ve been up to!


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