CD 11, Second Follicle Scan


I had another follicle scan and more blood work this morning.  Not so great news but not so bad either.

I have a bunch of small follicles.  No where near where they need to be for us to trigger.  My RE said that he wasn’t worried about it yet because it was only 3 days post my last Clomid pill.  He said that if it gets to 10 days and we still haven’t seen much of a change we’ll have to make some adjustments.

I’m just bummed because I was really hoping for some good news.  That we could trigger in a few days or something along those lines.  I know its early still, so I’m trying not to get too down.  Joe said if the doctor isn’t concerned than we shouldn’t be either.  I’m going to try to stick with that!

Going back in on Wednesday for another scan and more blood work.

Will update later this afternoon with follicle measurements.


Follicle measurements–
Right:  5.66
Left:  7.88

Still have some growing to do!


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