CD 15, Fourth Follicle Scan


Blah, more bad news.  I had my third scan on Wednesday and the fourth one today.

Here are the measurements:

Left:  7.48 and 7.79
Right:  7.97

Left:  7.50
Right:  4.42

Are they shrinking?!!

On Wednesday, the plan was to wait it out until Friday because my estrogen had increased from 46.2 to 96.7.  So my doctor thought my follicles would be growing with it.  Today, my estrogen level dropped to 67.1, grrr.

Now, the plan is more Clomid.  Five days of 150mg starting tonight and he doesn’t want to see me back until next Friday.  I guess it will give my poor veins a break.

My very very small shrivel of hope is that both the nurse on Wednesday and the doctor today said that my uterus looked amazing.

*Huge sigh*


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