Clomid Part Two, 150mg


And here we are again…

This morning I had my first follicle scan since finishing the 150mg of Clomid on Tuesday.  No good ones to speak of.  Still just a bunch of very small ones.

Left:  4.54 and 6.30
Right:  5.92

I was feeling pretty low when we left the appointment.  The nurse did the scan this time and she didn’t seem very optimistic.  She said to come back Monday for another scan and then moved on to briefly discuss injectables.  She said that would be our next step.

Joe and I were (obviously) really hoping not to get to this point already.  It’s just really bad timing with the holidays coming up.  We have to buy gifts for a lot of people and we really don’t have an extra $3K+ laying around.  We talked about taking the month of December off from trying.  I hate this idea.  Even if we aren’t “trying” I know I won’t be able to relax and not think about it.  It was also upsetting for me because I never pictured money being an obstacle for us.  I just figured we would do whatever we had to do to make it work.  Now, I’m realizing that maybe that isn’t possible just yet, no matter what we do.  And this might sound completely ridiculous but I was really hoping to go into the holidays pregnant.  Not that we would tell anyone yet, but I think it would just make me feel better.  I’m really not looking forward to Christmas specifically.  We’re spending it with Joe’s family this year which means our pregnant sister-in-law and Joe’s baby cousins running around, as well as a billion other people that I’m not sure if my mother-in-law spilled the beans to them or not about our infertility issues.  Sound fun?

I got an email from the nurse this afternoon saying that my labs “looked good!” and that we’re keeping the monitoring appointment for Monday.  That was definitely nice to hear.

My progesterone was 0.918.  It has ALWAYS been <.002.

My estrogen was 70.25.

I’m sorry my posts have been so blah and whiney lately!  I promise I’ll try to do better!


10 thoughts on “Clomid Part Two, 150mg

  1. I feel the same way about the holidays.. I can’t bear the thought of another Christmas without a baby on the way. Especially spending it with my sister in law and her adorable 9 month old. My dr told me that most of the people that she sees that don’t respond well with clomid do respond really well with injectibles so I’m hoping you see improvements either way!

    • I haven’t responded to it before, no. I did one round of 50mg in August and I started this round with 100mg and my RE thought if we added another 150mg I would respond for sure. He says I’m still in it until at least Monday so I guess we’ll see!

      • Did he do a clomid test on you? I read somewhere that there is a test that the doctors can do to see how responsive you will be to the clomid. I’ll have to google it and see if I can find it again, but I am now worried that maybe I won’t respond. Do you ovulate on your own otherwise?

      • No, I’ve never heard of a Clomid test. Let me know if you find it!

        I don’t ovulate on my own regularly. I think I’ve ovulated once or twice since the beginning of the year.

        Don’t let my horror story make you worry! I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂 and if not, there are still other options.

      • Its called the clomid response test. It appears to be a blood test that tells the doctors how likely you are to respond to the clomid. I do ovulate on my own regularly (like cd16 every month) so i guess worst case i still only ovulate 1 egg

  2. Ah, I’m sorry. It does seem like clomid won’t do the job for you. I know the injectables are expensive…I never imagined that getting pregnant would cost us this much money. I also totally get your feelings about the holidays, I swear even if I just got the BFP the day before Christmas, it would make the whole season a lot happier for me.

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