Follicle Scan #2 of Clomid 150mg


Somewhat good news, I think.  The nurse didn’t sound super excited about it but its the best I’ve heard yet!

Left:  12.18
Right:  9.68 and 9.49

Supposedly, they should start growing about 2mm per day now.  As long as my hormones don’t level off or anything.  My progesterone went down a tiny bit since Friday but I’m not sure if that matters a whole lot at this point.

Estrogen:  77.17
Progesterone:  .733 (went down about .2)

And my LH was 12.83, though I haven’t quite put the time and effort into figuring out what that exactly means yet?

Side note, they had the worst time doing my blood work today.  I know I have bad veins but seriously.  The finally got some on the 5th try!  My arms and both hands were not happy campers.

At least injections were not brought up again today!  Going in Wednesday and probably Friday for more scans.


5 thoughts on “Follicle Scan #2 of Clomid 150mg

  1. At least they got blood! Once I had such bad luck with collapsing veins they took blood from the bottom of my feet! I don’t know what the levels mean but the follies sound promising. Good luck!!

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