Full Update


Sorry its taken me so long to post this guys!  Everything has felt so crazy lately.

First up, I resigned from my job this past Wednesday.  I had been considering it for awhile now.  The hours were starting to get out of control and everything was so last minute all the time.  Also, I’ve had to front a lot of money in the past few week.  Usually the office can pay for things ahead of time but sometimes there are emergencies.  And I get that.  But I had put up about $500 in the past couple weeks and no one in the office seemed to feel any urgency to get it back to me.  Not to mention that on top of that my paychecks are ALWAYS incorrect.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was on Wednesday when as you all know, Joe and I were scheduled to have a consult with our doctor about the next steps we needed to take.  Anyway, they all knew I had this appointment for over a week.  I was downtown and had been all day doing stuff for a new birth mom I was working with and they wanted me to hang around for much longer to do something else.  I told them that I couldn’t because of the appointment and they really didn’t care.  They said they would try to find someone else and in the mean time, I didn’t get to leave downtown on time and we missed the appointment!  I just had had enough and resigned on the spot…not the way I wanted to do it but hey, I guess it doesn’t matter at this point.  So I will be job hunting…ugh.

In fertility news, it’s been weird to not go into my RE’s office for the past week.  Nice, but at the same time incredibly frustrating because we’re not making any progress.  Basically what happened the week before was I had one nurse measure my follicles one day and said that they were looking good, I had one measuring about 12mm and a couple others close to 10mm.  When I went back a couple days later, another nurse said that the previous nurse must have measured wrong.  And that the 12mm follicle was actually two separate, smaller follicles.  The 9mm ones weren’t there any more either.  I had nothing bigger than a 6mm.  So this cycle was officially declared a fail.  Clomid is not the solution for us.

I’m still really bummed about it.  I thought with just a little help we’d be golden.  I assume our doctor is going to want to talk about injectables.  Initially, he said they wouldn’t be right for us because of the high risk of multiples, but I guess since I haven’t been responding hardly at all to Clomid he might feel differently.  I pray that he is not wanting to go to IVF now.  I’m not ready for that.  Also, I’m worried about the weight issue.  He has never mentioned it to me at all but I know many people say their clinics have BMI limits.  I’m still trying to lose but with all the stress its been really difficult.  I’m hoping with my newly found and treated thyroid issue, that will help some.

Our next issue is that we are pretty much out of infertility funds for the year.  I think we could swing it if we really wanted to but on top of that we’ll be traveling two different times in December and I wouldn’t be able to make monitoring appointments.  So, with that I think we are officially on a break.  At least until the first of the year.  I hate the idea of a break but I guess there is not much to do about it.  Not the way I wanted to start our holiday season 😦


2 thoughts on “Full Update

  1. julieann081

    Hugs! I’m glad you decided to stick up for yourself and do what is best for you even though job hunting sucks. Wishing you all the best. ❤

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