The Ups and Downs


I’ve been taking a little break from blogging since we’re technically on a TTC break for the month.  I have still been following everyone else though!  Congrats to all the recent BFPs!

We had our follow-up consult with our RE earlier this month.  As suspected, our options are now injections or IVF.  We chose injections.  We’re still not quite ready to make the leap to IVF.  Our RE made the risks of injections pretty clear.  High order multiples 4-8%, 1/3 of pregnancies end up being twins.  This obviously terrifies me.  I do not want us to get into a situation where we have to make a tough call.  I am surprised that the risk of triplets+ would be so high with all the monitoring.  He explained that sometimes with injections a follicle that is only 12mm will drop and that’s where the risk comes in.  We both really like and trust our doctor so we’re still going to move forward with the injections.

I think if we have one or two injection cycles that get cancelled we’ll do IVF.  I don’t want to keep throwing away thousands of dollars if we’re going to end up there anyway.  I’m really hoping by around March-April we’ll either be pregnant or we’ll be well into the IVF process.

In anticipation of such, we decided to go ahead and get the genetic screening done before the end of the year (since we’ve met our deductible).  We just did me and everything thankfully, came back negative.

I’m really hoping the holidays breeze on by so we can get back and get started.  I’m doing my best to have a good attitude through them but I’m just not feeling it this year.  I’d love to just stay home with Joe and our fur-babies.  We’ll be leaving for Vail, CO on Christmas Eve for a few days to spend time with Joe’s family.  Then home for a few days.  Then off to Maryland over New Year’s to see my family.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!  Hoping and praying that 2015 will be the year for all of us who are still waiting!

christmas new year


2 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs

  1. I remember last Christmas season was miserable for me. Every family event with every side of the family involved someone pregnant. Made me wanna curl up to a bottle of wine, but I was still aggressively, strictly eating a carb restricted diet…which didn’t help either. I just wanted some wine and pasta and potatoes and peace. Hugs to you! Lots of empathy too!

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