1st Day of Injections


Today is the first day of our first injectables cycle!  Since I have not gotten my period and most likely won’t without some intervention, I had an ultrasound and blood work done yesterday.  Both revealed that all was quiet on my ovaries and I was at baseline.

My RE wants us to start slow so I’ll just be taking 75 iu (one vial) of Bravelle every evening.  My next monitoring appointment is scheduled for Friday morning.  I’m anticipating it to be a long stimming process.  Which I’m fine with, I’ll take slow over a cancelled cycle any day!

IMG_1850I’m not feeling too nervous about it, surprisingly.  Slightly worried that Joe has to give me the injection (RE wants us to do it in the back of my arm), as I had wanted to do it myself but mostly just anxious and worried about the outcome of the cycle since this could be the last step between us and IVF.

We were pleasantly surprised with the cost of the Bravelle, at this point anyway.  Our RE ordered us 10 vials and the total came out to be $655.  We were expecting anywhere from $1500-$1700.  We “saved” some money by having the left over Ovidrel and progesterone from the failed Clomid cycles so that was nice.  Our RE’s fee for an injectables + timed intercourse cycle is $1800.

In other news, I got a new job!  I start next Monday!  I’m pretty excited about it.  It’s still in the adoption/social services field but I’ll be working with foster families this time instead of birth moms.  Also, it’s full-time with benefits!  I haven’t had a job with benefits since we moved to Texas!  I am worried about juggling a new job with this cycle.  The job is technically home based but I assume I’ll have to go in for training and such and I’m not sure how flexible it will be.  I don’t exactly want to tell them right now what’s going on but at the same time I am not missing the monitoring appointments!  My RE seems to want everyone to come in for their appointments in the morning so they can get the blood work back the same day.  I just hope that I can make it all work without making myself look bad at my new job.

How do you guys juggle work with all these appointments?


5 thoughts on “1st Day of Injections

  1. julieann081

    Congrats on your new job!!! I wish I had some advice about juggling your job and treatments, but I don’t. I found it very difficult and now am teaching online and substitute teaching when I can. Best wishes to you!

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