Injections Day #4


I had my first monitoring appointment since starting Bravelle. My RE said that he wasn’t looking for any big follicles yet, but the estrogen was important at this point. As suspected he just found a bunch of small follicles (around 5 and 6mm). I hope that bunch turns into like 2 mature ones…

My estrogen level was 98.4 which is I think the highest I’ve ever gotten so far. My progesterone seems so low all the time at 0.54. I’ve never even gotten above 1 for progesterone. I’m not sure if that means anything for right now but I feel like it should be higher just in general.

Since my RE was happy with my levels we are not increasing Bravelle as of now. Sticking to the one vial per day and I have another appointment on Monday. Hoping and praying we’ll see some progress by then!

The injections themselves are going fine. I’m not dreading them but they aren’t fun. The burning is no joke! I can’t even feel the needle go in most of the time but as soon as Joe says he’s half-way done the burning starts. And this is weird but it hurts so much more in my left arm than my right! Not sure why that is but its a definite difference.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Injections Day #4

  1. julieann081

    I didn’t use Bravelle, but another drug was stinging me when I was doing injections and a fellow blogger suggested injecting the medication really slowly. Perhaps that would help? Wishing you all the best! ❤

  2. Your progesterone is fine for this point and your estrogen is good too. Typically they look at progesterone to make sure there isn’t a problem- ovulation or a cyst. Progesterone will be high following O. Good stuff! Have so much hope for you this cycle!

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