Um, What the Hell?


Feeling super frustrated and almost hopeless right now.

Monday’s numbers:
Estrogen – 81.56
Progesterone – 0.795
Left – 6.57mm
Right – 3.53mm

Because of all this, we increased my Bravelle from 75 to 150.

Today’s numbers:
Estrogen – 66.56
Progesterone – 0.76
Left – 8.12mm
Right – 5.23mm

Is this for real?  After 2 days of the increased Bravelle my numbers are still going down instead of up?!  The nurse I had today said that they’d want to see my estrogen around 100-150 for anything to look promising.  It’s obviously not there so I’m not understanding why we’re still sticking to the 150iu of Bravelle still.  Shouldn’t we be increasing?  Is there any hope for this cycle at this point?

I just cannot understand why it would be going down still when we’ve increased….

Back to the RE on Friday for another monitoring appointment.  I don’t even know what to expect.


10 thoughts on “Um, What the Hell?

  1. oh hun, hang in there!! remember that this cycle is all about finding out what works for your body on injects! Its a low and slow process the first go round! If anything, I would see if adding a low dose of Menopur might help (Menopur has more LH, that will help those follies along, where Bravelle is mostly FSH) ride it out for now, and see what time brings you. What cycle day are you on?

  2. Hang in there sugars! I am praying for a big turn around. And if nothing else, the doctors will start to have a better idea of what works with your body. Sending ya hugs! Xo

  3. beanie

    I was on Bravelle for each of my IUI cycles, and only when i added in Lupron did i start to stim properly. They started me on a low dose amd went up from there, and the cycle was really long. After that, we started out high and lowered as needed, and i was able to trigger sooner.

    Injections suck and i really hope they find what works for you 🙂

    Also, im sorry for any and all typos that dont make sense… I hate my iPhone lol

    Good luck, babe!

  4. julieann081

    I’m sorry to hear this. Hopefully, they will figure out what to do so this works. I know that 9 days of injections seems like a lot, but I feel like everyone is different. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! ❤

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