Progress? *Fingers Crossed*


I don’t want to get too hopeful quite yet but I think we might be making some small baby steps in the right direction!

Number from my appointment today:
Estrogen – 100.6
Progesterone – 0.6
Left – 6.03mm
Right – 8.5mm

So, still nothing big on the follicles but I’m really encouraged by my estrogen. It’s never been that high, ever.

I left the ultrasound with my RE saying that he would probably be increasing my dose to 3 vials of Bravelle but that he wanted to see my labs first. Apparently, he is happy enough with the numbers that he doesn’t want to increase just yet.

I’m good with this plan. This is the first time I’ve actually seen my RE this week and he made me feel a lot better (like always, he’s the best!). He said he doesn’t want us to get discouraged and that we’re still in this. And reminded me that we were taking things slow for a reason, read: I do not want my own tv show.

I am definitely relieved to be feeling better about things going into the weekend!


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