And that was short lived…



Estrogen – 103
Progesterone – 0.5
Left – 8.06, 8.78
Right – 10.14, 9.06

RE was happy with follicles but since there was barely an increase in estrogen he wanted to increase to 3 vials of Bravelle per night.

Estrogen – 75.73
Progesterone – 0.5
Left – 10.07, 7.97, 7.39, 6.79
Right – 8.08

Not feeling good about this anymore. The nurse I saw this morning did not seem optimistic at all and mentioned that there might come a point where I have to “call” it and stop “wasting” money on Bravelle.

Another nurse called me this afternoon with the lab results and said if there’s still no change on Friday that the doctor will want to have another discussion of options with me. I asked her if that meant canceling the cycle or adding in other meds. She said it could be either.

Really not looking forward to Friday :/ I was so hopeful that with the turn around last week we’d be in better shape.


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