One Year


We had our “teaching visit” with the nurses yesterday. Not sure if we actually learned too much since we did injections last cycle but it was nice to see the nurses in a different setting and ask all the neurotic questions that I didn’t want to waste our RE’s time on. For example, I think I asked in several difference ways the system for which they don’t mix up people’s eggs/sperm/embryos. They, of course, assured me that they’ve never had that happen before but the thought still interrupted a full night’s sleep.

I have a baseline appointment tomorrow morning and the plan is to start injections that evening. Three Bravelle plus three Menopur…these are going to burn! Tentative Egg Retrieval on February 18th and transfer on the 23rd. I’m sure those dates are probably way off since I was an extremely slow responder last month but we’ll see.

I am so glad we’re getting ready to start. Valentine’s Day marks that we’ve officially been trying for a whole year. So the distraction is a welcome one. I still feel very hopeful/optimistic. Just worried about balancing work with the procedures since I won’t have much notice.

Any tips/advice for a first time IVF’er are very welcome!


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