Stimming Update


Tonight will be my 6th injection(s). Monitoring appointment this morning went really well! I had lots of upper 10s and a few 11s. I don’t think I can contain my excitement from here on out!

I also just got my labs back and my E2 was 1644! That’s about tripled from Monday’s!

We’re continuing on with the same doses and Cetrotide. I’m really hoping that we’ll be doing the retrieval early next week. That may be too optimistic but we’ll see. I just paid the lab and surgery center fee so we should be good to go.

I’m slightly worried about over-stimming. It just seems like my estrogen has been increasing so rapidly. I definitely had a rough night last night. Didn’t sleep much. Couldn’t get comfortable (I’m a stomach sleeper) and just generally felt bloated. The bloating has continued throughout the day and I’m constantly peeing. Thinking my ovaries are maybe pressing on my bladder. Ok I’ll stop complaining now!


8 thoughts on “Stimming Update

  1. The high estrogen is probably very good news for the number of follicles. To give you a sense, last time on Day 6 I had 18 follicles they were tracking (ended up with 20 eggs retrieved in the end though) and my estrogen was 1900. On Day 8, my estrogen was 3900. I would have to look up what it was on Day 10, but in any even this was really high and I did develop OHSS unfortunately. You are definitely at more risk now BUT the good news is you should have lots of nice looking follicles to show for it!

  2. Start pushing coconut water and salty foods- it will help with the bloating! The cycle I had 6 follicles 20+ that was the only thing that got me through without feeling like a too tight water balloon. Keeping fingers crossed for a smooth retrieval!!! 🙂

  3. We are pretty much neck and neck. I am day 7 of stimming. So far so good…not as many follicles as you have but pretty good for my age. Good luck with the sleeping and bloating. I have been sleeping good, but definitely feel the bloating. Good luck!!

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