On Schedule for Once


Just another quick update.

Today will be day #9 of injections and it looks like we’ll be right on schedule with our calendar.

At yesterday’s appointment, I had about 35 follicles ranging from 11-16mm! Mostly 15s though. The poor nurse really took her time to count and measure all of them which led to a 20 minutes scan. She did warn me that it was a possibility that we’d have to do a freeze all :/ really hoping that’s not the case.

I got the call later in the afternoon yesterday that my E2 had also gone up to 3580 and that my RE wanted to switch my Ovidrel trigger shots to Lupron ones. Apparently Ovidrel can add to OHSS. Anyone familiar with this?

I’m continuing my same protocol and going back on Monday for a scan and praying that we’ll be triggering that night. I guess that would put our egg retrieval for next Wednesday. It’s later than I had hoped but I’m still relieved that everything seems to be going well for once.

Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day!


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