Egg Retrieval Tomorrow and a Cancelled Fresh Cycle


Good news first: my egg retrieval is tomorrow finally! I don’t feel nervous, mostly just excited.

At yesterday’s appointment I had 31 mature follicles between 18mm and 26mm. My estrogen was 9495!

Because of all that “good” news above, my RE decided that it would be too dangerous to do a fresh transfer. I know it’s the right thing, but I’m definitely bummed. Especially since one nurse told me it would be about 2 weeks to do a transfer now and another nurse told me 4-6 weeks.

I know this sounds ridiculous in the scheme of things but I was already really attached to our dates and timeline. And I was hoping to luck out with a due date in November instead of December. I know, I know I won’t care once I’m pregnant but just saying.

The nurse also talked to me about the possibility of not fertilizing all of the eggs that we get since we’ll probably have so many. A left over embryo burden is definitely a concern for Joe and I. We know we won’t destroy them but I also don’t feel great about donating them. So it’s definitely something we need to think about. We’re considering maybe only fertilizing 20 and freezing the remaining eggs. It’s a hard decision since you just don’t know how many will make it. Anyone have thoughts on this?

I’m scheduled for 9:30am tomorrow so hopefully it goes smoothly and I can give you all an update later in the day!


9 thoughts on “Egg Retrieval Tomorrow and a Cancelled Fresh Cycle

  1. fingers crossed all goes well! I would suggest talking to your doc about successful fertilization rates *after* freezing- if your fert rates aren’t as high as you want on your smaller batch, and you go back to fertilize frozen eggs- will that impact their fert rates too? That would sway my decision- personally.

  2. I know it’s disappointing BUT if you come down with OHSS it will honestly feel like death. It’s THAT bad. Think about it another way – your body will be nice and relaxed for the FET and not pumped full of hormones and poked and prodded. 🙂

    About fertilizing, to be honest I would fertilize every egg I have because you don’t know how many “good” embryos you make and if the % is low you may be kicking yourself in the end. Even a fertilization rate by batch will tell you nothing, you won’t know until like 3-5 days post retrieval. JMO though!

  3. Good luck!! ER I found wasn’t too bad. They got 13 eggs and only 3 fertilized… Numbers can change pretty drastically. Do what feels right! I have my transfer tomorrow. Big days!!!

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