I just got the call that of the 45 eggs retrieved, 21 were fertilized. I knew to expect a big drop but I wasn’t quite expecting less than half. I still feel good about it though. I was hoping to have maybe 8-10 to freeze so I think we’re still in a good position for that. The nurse said she would expect 7-10 but that obviously it could be more or less. I’ve always wanted 3 kids so hopefully those numbers will be enough. I can’t imagine going through this whole process again.

I’m feeling a little worse than I did yesterday. I felt good when I woke up and actually got ready to go to work. Then I took one Tylenol 3 and immediately felt nauseas and tired, which didn’t happen yesterday when I took it. So I decided to take it easy again today instead and hopefully will be feeling more like myself tomorrow.

Planning on getting around to my egg retrieval post later today but I couldn’t wait to give you guys the update. Thank you all for your kind words yesterday!


7 thoughts on “45—>21

  1. That’s great news!! 21 is fantastic. I can see where it would feel disappointing from 45… But keep in mind the average I was told was 12 to retrieve. I will wish all your Eggies great strength over the next few days. Good idea to take it easy today… Each day you will feel a little more like yourself. I found the 4th day the biggest improvement. Take care!!

  2. 21 is a great number! Hoping for strooonnggg fert rates for you!

    Remember- push your hydration, 64 ounces minimum and pedialyte or coconut water will help the most. Salty foods, and foods really high in protein will also help tons. Hoping you feel better soon!

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