Ah OHSS, I Should Have Expected You


This is probably no surprise to all of you but I was officially diagnosed with Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome yesterday.

My nausea that started yesterday morning did not let up and I ended up puking my brains out around 11am.  I called the doctor and they wanted me to come later that afternoon.  My super sweet husband rushed home from work to take me!

They took my vitals–all normal.  And the doctor examined my abdomen and did an ultrasound.  My ovaries are still huge!  About the size of soft balls.  He also saw some fluid around them and I think behind my uterus.  Again, he said with the number of eggs we got, it was really no surprise.

I left with a couple prescriptions for nausea and orders to stay home from work again and take it easy for the weekend.  I have a follow-up appointment on Monday.

I’m feeling MUCH better today.  There is nothing worse to me than being nauseous!   I am trying hard to take everyone’s advice on drinking lots of gatorade and protein.  The gatorade is ok but I have zero appetite and the thought of eating a bunch of meat is so not appealing right now.


4 thoughts on “Ah OHSS, I Should Have Expected You

  1. Oh no, I know how that feels! Has your RE told you to drink Ensure shakes? I was told to buy the high protein kind and drink those if I didn’t feel like eating protein. Also you want a high salt diet to get rid of that water, so the nurses told me the best thing is McDonald’s fries. Those were some delicious days…

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