My Egg Retrieval Experience


Sorry it took me so long to get this up you all!

I had my egg retrieval this past Wednesday.  We had to be at the surgery center at 8:30am for our 9:30am procedure.  Not quite the easy feat in Houston traffic.  The surgery center is about an hour and a half from our house so we had to get up pretty early.

I showered the night before so I just washed my face and got dressed.  No makeup, lotion, perfume, jewelry, etc.  I wore some comfy yoga pants, my Ugg slippers, and this amazingly soft Barefoot Dreams lounge cardigan that I insisted on having. Seriously the most comfortable thing I’ve ever owned and have been living in the past few days!

I kissed the pups goodbye and we arrived at the surgery center around 8:10am.  I used the bathroom for the hundredth time that morning (I have a nervous pee thing) and got myself all checked in.

We waited for about 5 minutes before a nurse came to take both Joe and I back.  I changed into a lovely gown, funny blue hat, and covered my socks with those shoe things.  The nurse came back to go over everything once again and gave me Zofran for nausea from the anesthesia.  She also put my IV in which, thankfully, went in like a dream thanks to the mass amounts of water I forced down the day before.

We waited in the room some more.  During which the anesthesiologist came in to talk to me, as well as my RE and the RE who would be doing my surgery.  My RE had a conflict in his schedule but he said he would pop into mine as soon as he could to make sure everything was going well.

At exactly 9:20am they started getting me ready to go into the OR.  I used the bathroom three more times before I went in!  I have a problem, I know.  They took Joe back to the waiting room where he was soon going to be called back to give his “sample.”

I walked into the OR with the nurse and was feeling a little nervous but looking forward to whatever the anesthesiologist was going to give me.  I laid on the table for about 5 minutes before I was completely out.  I remember them asking me to put my legs in the stirrups and then nothing.

When I woke up, for what I thought was the first time, I remember knowing that we had gotten 45 eggs!  Joe was with me and the nurse was telling him to get me dressed and that I was ready to go.  I remember saying that I was not ready to go and that I didn’t want to get dressed because I had just gotten back there.  Joe said I had been out of surgery for awhile and the poor guy struggled to get me dressed with zero help from me.  I felt so out of it and didn’t become fully alert until we got home a little over an hour later.  I felt some burning in my ovaries but no cramping.  It wasn’t unbearable or anything like that.

I found out later from Joe that we had already spoken to the doctor right after I got out of surgery.  I don’t remember any of this at all!  Joe said when the doctor told us that we had gotten 45 eggs, I said, “That’s too many!!  What are we going to do with all of those?!”  Joe said they all got a good laugh out of that.  I wish I could remember!

I was given a prescription for Tylenol 3 and told to take it with Ibuprofen and rest up the remainder of the day.  I had expected to go back to work the next day but as you can tell from my previous posts, that didn’t happen.

I would say other than getting OHSS, everything went very smoothly!  I hope everyone else has just an easy of a time as I did 🙂


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