Terrible Blogger


Thats me! I’m so sorry you guys. My head has just not been in a blogging place. I still feel shocked, overwhelmed, in disbelief, and crazy worried!

I had my first beta this past Wednesday at 7dp5dt. It was 73.

Today’s at 9dp5dt was 230. Which they said was really good since they were hoping for at least 140. 

I’m going back next Wednesday when it will be 14dp5dt and then I’ll have my first ultrasound the following Monday around 5.5 weeks. 

Joe and I are cautiously excited. We are telling our parents this weekend. I know it seems so early but they know that we went through IVF and are dying to know. They think we’re not finding out until next week! 

I think telling them is making me more nervous about the whole situation. I also had the most terrifying dream last night that involved the M-word. Maybe that’s what has me more on edge.

In spite of my absent entries I’ve still been following along and thinking about you all! Hope everyone is doing great!


4 thoughts on “Terrible Blogger

  1. I completely understand your concerns, I think they are completely valid and something that all future Mums go through – especially those who have had to wait so long for their little miracle.
    Sending positive baby vibes your way that everything stays on track. I am sure your parents will be over the moon 🙂

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