Mild Pre-Eclampsia 


Just why?! I thought we were home free after all the nastiness of the first trimester. Everything has been going great.

I went in for a routine OB check up last Wednesday and all of a sudden I have high blood pressure (145/100) and protein in my urine. Hands and feet still swollen but I figured that was just normal “hey you’re pregnant with twins and you live in Texas” swelling. 

My OB kept going back and forth on being super serious and then joking so I couldn’t get a good read on how serious it is. We were supposed to be scheduling my C-section for 37 weeks but she wouldn’t even do that, she was adamant that I wouldn’t be making it that long but didn’t give any more details.

 I’m 29 weeks and 2 days today. I’m terrified. I, naively, never even thought of the babies coming this early or having a NICU stay. I also am desperate to stay out of the hospital. The thought of leaving my furbabies for weeks is enough to induce a meltdown. 

I left on Wednesday with instructions for moderate bedrest (basically house arrest), a 24 hour urine collection kit, weekly appointments with my OB, and a follow up with my MFM on Monday. Other than that I’ve been trying to drink as much water as possible and avoiding as much sodium as possible.

If anyone has had a similar situation please share…I’m feeling so helpless.


5 thoughts on “Mild Pre-Eclampsia 

  1. This was totally me (except not twins). I think mine stated getting high around 30w? Really, they just watched me very closely. I had to go in to the office 2x a week for nst’s and ultrasounds. I was put on modified bed rest at 34ish weeks and every time I even thought I might have a headache I had to go in to l and d. I also bought one of those at home bp cuffs and monitored 2x a day at home. 2 admissions before a sudden spike required induction at 36,4 which resulted in a small, but totally perfect baby! It’s scary, but I’m sure your OB will keep a good eye on you! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

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