They’re Here


Planning on writing a longer post later but I wanted to update everyone. Violet and Wyatt were born on 10/4/15 at 11:32 and 11:33am at 30w2d gestation. They are doing great, all things considered. Right now the NICU is keeping an eye on them for breathing, feeding, and temperature regulation. They’re also getting light therapy. Pretty minor, at this point, considering how early they were. The nurses/doctors all tell us that they are doing amazing.

As for me, I’ve had more complications since delivering. I didn’t even get to see the babies until Monday evening. Preeclampsia/Pregnancy Induced Hypertension is apparently no joke. They’ve been concerned about high BP, fluid in my lungs, englarged heart, severe fluid retention in feet and legs. It’s been a mess. Thankfully I’m on the mend and hoping to get discharged on Thursday. My mom flew in and is planning on staying for awhile to help me and take me back and forth to see the babies since I can’t drive for awhile. 

More updates later. Thank you all so much for thinking of us during this rough time. I never imagined they would be born this early and don’t feel prepared at all.


7 thoughts on “They’re Here

  1. I’m so glad to hear everyone is doing pretty well, considering the situation & timing! What a relief that they’re safe. I wish you the best in your own recovery. Thinking of you lots. Xx

  2. I just just thinking of you this morning and I’m so glad you updated! I’m so sorry about you health and that this is how everything went for you. I’ll continue to pray for those babies to stay strong.

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