February to March 2011 – Joe and I are matched on eHarmony and start dating shortly after.

September 2011 – We move in together in Maryland.

January 2012 – Joe and I get engaged!

May 2012 – Joe gets a new job.  We move to Texas.

April 2013 – Joe and I get married back home in downtown Baltimore.

May 2013 – We move into our dream house 🙂

December 2013 – I stop taking my birth control pills.  We use other means of protection because we don’t think we’re “ready” yet.

February 2014 – We start actively trying to conceive.

March 2014 – BFN, continue trying.

April 2014 – We take our long awaited and amazing honeymoon/one year anniversary trip to Ireland.

May 2014 – PCOS diagnosis.  Start Metformin.

July 2014 – Stop taking Metformin because it’s causing my liver function to elevate.  Joe gets an SA to rule him out as a factor.  His numbers were 4.1ml and 869.2 million.  So happy we don’t have that to worry about!

August 2014 – Provera + first unmonitored round of Clomid 50mg.

September 2014 – BFN, first RE appointment.

October 2014 – Testing with our RE.  Given Provera again and it DID NOT work.  Have hysteroscopy. Everything came back normal.

Mid-October 2014 – Decide to give Clomid another try for the next few cycles. This time monitored. 100mg Clomid with Ovidrel (trigger shot) and Endometrin (progesterone). No mature follicles.

November 2014 – Stack 150mg Clomid with the previous round. No mature follicles. Failed Clomid cycle.

December 2014 – Meet with RE for another consult.  Options are injections or IVF.  Decide to try injections but not starting until January.  On break for the month.

January 2015 – Bravelle injections. Stim for 3 1/2 weeks. Increase from 75iu to 225iu. No mature follicles. Largest is 10mm and estrogen never gets above 100. Cancelled cycle. Start making plans for IVF next month.




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